Services Offered

The Basic Process

As part of Sales Effectiveness Training, Ms. Karen LiPuma provides one-on-one as well as group training. She enters a company, learns the products, services, and personnel issues. She prepares a comprehensive report with specific observations and recommendations for improvement. If the company or organization pursues the ideas she suggested, Ms. LiPuma creates specific materials designed for the client's individual needs.

Karen LiPuma trains individuals from all levels— from telemarketer to CEO, she has changed entire environments from a “customer service mode” to a “sales mode.”

Ms. LiPuma provides the following services:

• Sales training
• Telemarketing techniques
• Sales consulting
• Compensation analysis
• Strategic planning
• Focus groups

Ms. LiPuma is also available for keynote speaking. While she is a trainer and not a motivational speaker, she believes that once a person learns to perform their job well, they become motivated.

What sets Karen LiPuma's Sales Effectiveness Training apart:

The most notable characteristic of Karen LiPuma’s Sales Effectiveness Training is that she does live training with a client’s actual customers! She demonstrates that the techniques she teaches work and she helps employees learn how to utilize them by showing real examples. Ms. LiPuma shows clients she is training how to use their new skills in a way other trainers do not— through teaching by example.


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